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Stone Ground in Bend, Oregon

Every bite of Mythical Chocolate utilizes our own blend of Direct Trade stone ground cacao. We source high quality beans through our direct trade partners as a service to our customers and Mother Gaia. These beans are then loaded into our in-house stone grinders where they are ground for three days. 

Why? Stone ground ensures you receive an unrefined delicacy that retains the antioxidants and minerals that serve our body. We have also discovered that three days is optimal; it reduces any bitterness that may naturally occur in cacao nibs, and produces a velvet texture that dances across your tongue.

Cacao and cocoa are two words thrown around loosely in the chocolate world. To simplify this post, I am referring to the ground beans as cacao, and cocoa as the powder. Powdered cocoa comes from taking ground cacao liquor and pressing out the fat. Cacao is roughly 50% fat, which once pressed out is better known as Cacao Butter. You then mix the cocoa powder and cacao butter together with your choice of additional ingredients and form the bases for the chocolate treats we enjoy. 

We asked, why use the additional energy and resources to grind, press, package, and ship all these products separately? 

By using our own in-house grinder, we increase the transparency of how and where our cacao is processed and reduce our environmental impact. Generally, the less processed and darker the chocolate, the higher the antioxidant and mineral content you receive in each bite!