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Upcoming Cacao Ceremonies

Allow the tender and compassionate energy of Mama Cacao to support you in living your life with reverence, intention, & embodiment. Both energizing and grounding, cacao serves as a simultaneously gentle, yet potent, ally as we drop deeper into our authentic expression. In the ceremonial space, we are supported in honoring our reality while imagining the beauty that is to come.


9/18 @ Hanai Cacao Sound Healing Concert & Silent Disco with Ashley Grewe, Jeff Stratman, Kevin Kraft, Lindsay James, Sean Pepers, Danielle Summerville. Giancarlco Gatto, Lindsey Boone + more!
A special event raising money for at-need schools, we will sing, dance, breathe, and connect in ceremony with sound and cacao. Featuring some of the finest facilitators in Central Oregon. All proceeds will support music programs for at-need schools. 
Bring: A yoga mat, blanket and pillow/cushion for maximum comfort.

Cost to Attend: $108


Sign Up: Register ahead, space is limited, venmo @soundshala
9/23 @ Cascade Equinox Festival. Partner Yoga + Cacao with Ashley Grewe and Leanne Schweitzer. 
Join us as we gather to open our hearts and drop into playful connection with the symbiotic interplay of Mama Cacao and partner yoga. Yoga has traditionally been an individual and solitary practice. However, practicing yoga with another person can foster more profound levels of connection, communication, trust, and vulnerability. Partner yoga is similar to regular yoga, but the yoga poses are practiced by two people to help guide each other into the pose through physical touch. Our yoga practice will be enhanced by the heart-opening medicine of Mama Cacao. Cacao is a revered and sacred drink that will assist us in accessing joy, groundedness, light-heartedness, and appreciation as we embark on our journey.
9/25 @ Hanai Soften Into The Season: Autumn Equinox at Hanai with Cacao + Breathwork with Ashley Grewe and Amanda Ramirez

Becoming attuned to the external, and internal, seasons of life allows us to live more fully in the present, experience vitality in our bodies, minds, and spirits, while deepening our connection to nature. For this Autumn Equinox, we honor the season as we come together to receive the medicine of Cacao and Breathwork. Breathwork helps us cleanse the mind and restore the spirit while cacao tenderly holds us in the sweet release.

We will begin with ceremonial Cacao served by Ashley Grewe of Mythical Chocolates. Cacao is often considered a feminine plant, offering us the warmth of a beloved grandmother who reminds us both of the goodness in our life and that even in seasons of release, there is always more beauty to come.

After Cacao, Amanda Ramirez will guide us through a gentle breathwork practice to soften, release, and restore. As we soften into the season of autumn, the breath invites us to cleanse our internal and external landscapes. From there, we can draw energy back into our bodies to fortify ourselves for this new slower season of Fall.

After breathwork, you will be invited to journal, hydrate, enjoy nourishing snacks, and connect with the community who collectively chose to begin this season in ritual and intention.

This event is lovingly brought to you by the Hanai Foundation. As a non-profit, the Hanai Foundation seeks to create opportunities for all members of our community to nurture themselves and connect with others through events, classes, and workshops that inspire creativity, compassion, and growth. To learn more visit our website

How to prepare: The most important thing is to refrain from eating at least 1.5 - 2 hours before our session (no eating after 4pm). And please hydrate beforehand. Please arrive 5-10 minutes before class to set up your nest so we may begin promptly at 5:45pm. Please turn your cell phones off/silent for the duration of the practice.

Please bring the following:

Yoga mat or thick foam mat

2 blankets

Eye mask or cloth to cover your eyes

Bottle of water

Journal + Pen (optional)

Cost to Attend: $35 - $55 Sliding Scale, if cost is an obstacle for you, please reach out to us

Hanai Scholarship Fund: The Hanai Foundation offers scholarship opportunities to community members in need, your donations allow us to make events, classes, and workshops accessible and sustainable. If you wish to donate, please select this option at check out - please note this is not a ticket for the event. We thank you for your support!

Contact: Hanai Foundation 541-668-6494 or

Sign Up: Ages 18+. Space is limited, registration is required. If cost is an obstacle for you, please don't hesitate to reach out directly to the Hanai Foundation at for scholarship opportunities.